More Bad News from Drought Monitor

The extreme drought conditions are expanding in our region.  Here is the latest map from the Drought Monitor and a link to their reports. Drought Monitor  

US drought footprint continues to shrink

by Brad Rippey, USDA Meteorologist During the 4-week period ending on March 1, 2016, contiguous U.S. drought coverage fell to 14.30 percent—a decrease of 1.18 percentage points.  This also represents the smallest areal coverage of U.S. drought in nearly 5½ years, since October 12, 2010.  The U.S. drought minimum of 2010—7.74 percent coverage on July 6—occurred in the wake of the most recently completed El Niño, which lasted from the summer of 2009 to the spring of 2010. Since mid-October 2015, stormy weather in many parts of the country—in part driven by a strong El Niño—has significantly reduced the U.S. …

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Drought Conditions Improve

Drought Conditions Improve across the US.  In our region, we have had a lot of much needed rain and that trend continues at least for the time being. Here is the latest map from the National Drought Center.  Less “red” is always good news. Read the complete article from the Drought Monitor US Drought Monitor Report.

Interesting Topics in Agriculture

Interesting Topics in Agriculture Flake, McCain introduce bill to help reduce wildfire risk U.S. senators Jeff Flake and John McCain, both Arizona Republicans, have introduced a bill that would reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires.Legal scholars predict Utah land transfer takes the public out of public lands Acquiring title to 31 million acres of public lands could lead to less public access, less public involvement in land-use decisions and perhaps a better chance that imperiled plants and animals win federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. Using drones to sell homes — except in Washington Douglas Trudeau wanted to do things …

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2014 Fall Issue of Tierra Firma

The 2014 Fall Issue of Tierra Firma is out. This is the official publication of the Realtor® Land Institute. You will find great information on various issues effecting land sales. Check out the entire issue here.

Climate Change Creates New Farming Risks

Undoubtedly, climate change has and will continue to effect farming.  Here is a great article from Boyce Thompson, Editorial Director dated 6-10-2014 you may find interesting….. “Severe weather is forcing farmers to innovate and invest in new technology.  Like any smart business person, Trey Hill, a fourth-generation farmer from Rock HIll, Md., wants to do things once and move on. The problem is that severe weather–whether it’s torrential rains, extreme summer heat or cold spring temperatures–keeps messing with his best-laid plans.”  Click here for complete article.