Dr. Lawrence Yun Speaks at the National Land Conference

Dr. Lawrence Yun Speaks at the National Land Conference On Tuesday, March 24th, Dr. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist and Senior VP of the National Association of Realtors® spoke to the land professionals at the National Land Conference in Tucson, AZ. See Dr. Yun’s complete presentation here.

George Clift, ALC Advanced Featured Presenter

George Clift, ALC Advanced Featured Presenter As a result of the Realtor® Land Institute strategic alliance with RE/MAX, George Clift, ALC Advanced was a featured speaker at the 2015 RE/MAX R4 Convention in Las Vegas, NV. Clift spoke to commercial RE/MAX professionals on March 3rd on LAND: The Core of Building Business and also talked about the benefits of the Institute and the Accredited Land Consultant Designation.

Interesting Topics in Agriculture

Interesting Topics in Agriculture Flake, McCain introduce bill to help reduce wildfire risk U.S. senators Jeff Flake and John McCain, both Arizona Republicans, have introduced a bill that would reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires.Legal scholars predict Utah land transfer takes the public out of public lands Acquiring title to 31 million acres of public lands could lead to less public access, less public involvement in land-use decisions and perhaps a better chance that imperiled plants and animals win federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. Using drones to sell homes — except in Washington Douglas Trudeau wanted to do things …

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Front Range Dairy Auction Set for January, 2015

Front Range Dairy Auction Set for January, 2015. Clift Land Auctions will offer for sale by auction the Front Range Dairy plus approximately 988 acres of highly productive irrigated farmland. This is an Absolute Multi-Parcel Auction – NO RESERVE!  We will offer three individual tracts for sale.  You can buy one tract, a combination of tracts, or the entire property. Go to our auction website for more details. Auction Details.

2014 Fall Issue of Tierra Firma

The 2014 Fall Issue of Tierra Firma is out. This is the official publication of the Realtor® Land Institute. You will find great information on various issues effecting land sales. Check out the entire issue here.

15 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Farmland

Before purchasing farmland read this great article from AgWeb.com….by John Blanchfield and the American Bankers Association’s Agricultural and Rural Bankers Committee (reprinted from AgWeb.com) “Rising crop and livestock prices have generated significant profits for many farmers, which some are using to buy additional land. The increased demand has driven land values to record highs in some areas. The American Bankers Association’s Agricultural and Rural Bankers Committee, which is comprised of leading agricultural bankers in the country, has developed these recommendations for buying farmland.”  Click here to see the rest of this article.

Thinking Outside the Bowl Tax Deferral Strategies

  I don’t know about you but every time I get a tax bill, I get mad. Its not that I mind paying my fair share of taxes because I don’t but rather because I know that my tax bill will be more than last year and my taxes will be wasted. I want my taxes to go to helping minority kids get educated, fixing infrastructure and providing benefits for military families while their loved ones are deployed all over the world protecting our way of life. Instead, my hard earned income and yours is going to help some member …

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Higher Tax Rates on Land Sales

by Andy Biebl, CPA With the slowdown in farmland appreciation, we may see retired landlords and investors willing to sell. But there is a new barrier; higher capital gain rates. With land sellers now often facing 23 to 25% federal rates plus additional state income taxes, we will see sticker shock and an unwillingness to deal. As we learned coming out of the Reagan era, higher capital gain rates suppress selling activity; lower rates stimulate ownership changes. THE NEW RATES.  Previously, a large gain from the sale of farmland was taxed at a flat 15% federal capital gain rate regardless …

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KAGS-HD TV News Story on Land Investments

Here is a news story about Land Investments from KAGS-HD TV in College Station, Texas you may find interesting…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmDg3fcr20E