Brazos River Farm

SOLD 1,102-Acre Irrigated Farm, located approximately 10 miles southeast of Waco, Texas. The farm is one contiguous tract of land with 920 cultivated acres (87.5% irrigated, 12.5% dryland). It has a long history of use for irrigated crop production with indications (via water rights documents) that it was irrigated as early as 1918. While corn, cotton and wheat have historically been the primary crops produced, the land is suitable for production of grain sorghum, oats and soybeans. Some specialty crops such as melons could likely be produced on the property as well. The farm is offered with rights adjudicated by …

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Jodie Rapp

Jodie Rapp grew up in the agriculture business as part of the fourth generation of a Texas Panhandle farming & ranching family. He has directed operations of the family business since his father’s passing in 1981. In addition to his farm & ranch experience, Jodie brings extensive accumulated experiences in the areas of large-scale heavy engineering construction and construction management systems implementations. His exposure to the domestic and international marketplace, large enterprise sales, small privately held businesses, and direction of projects in commercial and government sectors, makes him one of the most diverse and more accomplished operating officers in the agriculture industry.