Celebrity Feeders South Yard

This property is on the eastern edge of Felt, OK with pavement on two sides, and is 200 +/- acres which includes 60 +/- acres of irrigated farmland. There are 8,400’ of fence line concrete bunks. There is a hospital/processing barn that is connected to the main yard’s medicine software. A set of 70’ truck/cattle scales and a concrete commodity bunker barn. One employee trailer house sits on this property. The irrigated farm consists of a 2010 Zimmatic sprinkler with one 500 gpm turbine well.

Celebrity Feeders Main Yard

Located just two miles north of Felt, OK in Cimarron County. This property is 1,480 +/- acres which includes 800 +/- acres of native grass and 240 +/- acres of irrigated farmland. There are 10,000’ of fenceline concrete bunks and 1,200’ of dairy heifer lockups with 600 lockups. Two hospital/processing barns, an office, and eight employee houses. There are grain bins with a 580,000 bushels capacity. The feed center consists of a steam flaker, a micro-ingredient machine, two stationary feed mixers, and concrete commodity bunkers. There is a 70’ truck/cattle scale at the office and a 50’x100’ mechanics shop. There …

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Seminole Growers

Cattle Facilities The yard has a practical capacity of 33,000 head but has a CAFO permit of 35,000 head.  There is 24,859’ of bunk.  There is a modern processing barn with a hydraulic chute and concrete work alleys.  Three hospital barns on the property are all equipped with hydraulic chutes and working tubs.  There is a set of 68’ cattle scales.  Receiving / loadout facility includes an angled holding pen and a double-deck truck chute.  Pens are serviced by Johnson concrete waterers. Feedmill The ration mixing process is a simple design including flat commodity storage with mixer trucks charged by …

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Cochran County Farmland & Feedyard

We are excited to offer this 1,036 +/- acres of farmland and feedyard in cooperation with Eslabon Properties.  The property is in a very productive part of Cochran County between Morton and Whiteface.  There are numerous uses for this property from farmland, feedyard, heifer development facility, or other livestock production activities. Farmland There are 786 +/- acres of cultivated land, consisting of approximately 150 acres of irrigated ground, and the remainder being dryland.  Three pivots are currently operating covering 35, 75, and 40 acres each.  With the current water produced these systems are supplying 3.7 gallons per acre on this …

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