Cochran County Farmland






Located between Morton and Whiteface on Highway 114 sits Cochran County Feedyard and farmland.  This 30,000 head yard is permitted for 46,000 head and sits on 1,045 acres of land.  The property is situated in a prime area of farmland.


There are currently 755 acres of cultivated land and 257 acres of irrigated land under two older sprinklers.  There was a third sprinkler that covered 218 more acres, but the system has been dismantled.  Currently, there are also 498 acres of dryland and the feedyard sits on approximately 290 acres.


There are 17 water wells on the property, 10 of which are operating and tied into the feedyard.  The wells were checked in 2016 by Carter Well Service and there was an estimated 1,131 gpm.  The average well depth is 230 +/- ft. with the static level at 210 +/- ft.  Many of the wells need repair or tied into the system.  There are two lagoons that can be pumped to the farmland as well.

FSA Information 

156EZ F1624



The yard is permitted for 46,000 head and has a capacity of 30,000 head.  There are newer pens that hold 12,000 -14,000 head, and could be used as a grow yard or small feedyard if a buyer wanted to downsize the yard and the return land to cultivation.

There are 200 + pens with 35,000 +/- ft. of bunk, a processing barn and four hospital barns.  There is also a nice loadout chute, set of cattle scales, and a set of 75′ , 100,000 lb. truck scales.

Commodities can be stored in two commodity barns, fat tanks, or roughage storage.  The mill has two 18” x 36” rolls and a 150 HP boiler, two stationary mixers and a dump pit. The micro ingredient software and equipment is owned and transferable. There is also grain storage.

The property also has a 2,400 SF house that is used as the office, an employee house, Quonset barn, horse barns, and various other sheds and structures, as well as three steel water storage tanks on the yard.


Six and one-half miles southeast of Morton on Hwy. 114, then north on FM 1337 for one and one-half miles.

Latitude: 33.676797 / Longitude: -102.673839


Price: $1,200,000
Total Acres: 1,045
Irrigated Acres: 257
Dryland Acres: 498
Taxes: $17,839


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