Diverse Hall Co TX Farm Auction



The following information was received after first publication of this auction. If you have any questions regarding this information, please call our office at 800-299-5263. (2-3-17)

1.The two sprinklers on Tract #3 WILL CONVEY with the Property.

2. Roto phase converters for Tract #3 sprinklers are located on Tract #2. An easement will be provided.

3. The sprinkler on Tract #1, reported to be a 1995 or 1996 Valley, WILL NOT CONVEY. This sprinkler could possibly be purchased by the Buyer of the Property.  If no agreement is made with the owner of the sprinkler, the sprinkler will be removed prior to closing.

4. There are three water meters for the Brice-Lesley Water Supply Corp on the Property.  One meter is on Tract #1, just inside the north fence and just west of the gate opening near the livestock drinking tub.  There are two meters on Tract #2.  One in the NE corner of Tract #2 about 50 yards south of the wire gate, the other meter is about 50 feet SE of the SE corner of the house, and has a piece of one inch PVC sticking in the ground next to the meter box.

5. Brice-Lesley Water Supply Corp. has a water line and an easement across the property.  The line runs across Tract #2 to the house and angles southerly across Tract #3 and crosses Mulberry Creek.

6. The solar panel and pump for the Livestock Well on Tract #3 have been removed, and will not be included in this auction.  Water in the hole appears to be 25 – 30 feet below ground level.

7. There will be an easement providing road access to Tract #2.

8. The crowding chute at the pens on Tract #2 DOES NOT CONVEY, but could possibly be purchased. If no agreement is made with the owner of the chute, it will be moved prior to closing.

9. There is a dump pit on Tract #1 that will sell “As-Is”.

10. Any minerals owned by Seller WILL CONVEY with the Property.  There will be NO GUARANTEE AS TO ANY MINERALS OWN BY THE SELLER by the Seller, Clift Land Auctions, LP, or Clift Land Brokers.

This Auction is scheduled for Thursday, February 16th at 2:00 pm at the Donley Co. Activity Center, 4430 Hwy 70 in Clarendon, Texas. Registration will begin at 1:00 pm.

Information Meeting is set for Tuesday, February 7th at 2:00 pm at the Donley Co. Activity Center.

Irrigated Farmland – Dryland Farmland – Native Grassland – Wildlife Habitat

This property is unique and diverse. There are a total of  990.6  + acres of land in Hall County, Texas, consisting of rolling cultivated land, rough native grass with mesquite and other brush, and irrigated land. This is a very good hunting property with whitetail deer and mule deer. All fences and cross fences are in good to very good condition and appear to be less than 10 years old.

We will offer this property in three individual surface tracts. You can buy one individual tract, a combination of tracts, or the entire farm.

Tract 1

This tract consists of 303 + total acres, of which 231.7 acres are level to rolling cultivated land. There is a pivot pad on this Tract, which recently watered approximately 118 acres. If this Tract is purchased separately, it is a dryland tract.There is a water line from the west irrigation well (Well 3A) on Tract 3 that can furnish water to the pivot point on this Tract, if Tracts 1 and 3 are purchased in a combination. The native grass on this tract is very rough and brushy and has a significant number of mule deer. There is a Brice-Lesley Water Supply Corp. water line with a tap on the north side of this Tract.

Tract 2

This tract consists of 314 + total acres of rolling to rough native grass with mesquite and other brush. The tract is divided into three pastures with two windmills and Brice-Lesley Water Supply Corp. water is available at the house. This tract is an excellent hunting tract and has an older three bedroom, one bath stucco house with a metal roof. This dwelling is currently being used as a hunter’s cabin. There is also a detached two car garage with a carport, a storm cellar, and a good set of all steel pens.  Access to the house is currently across the north side of Tract 3.

Tract 3

Tract 3 is the true irrigation tract.  There are 373 + total acres, of which 169 acres has been under two pivot sprinklers. No Sprinklers convey with this property. In addition, there are 44 acres of cultivated dryland, 147 acres of semi-subirrigated grass and 13 acres of other native grass and brush.  There are five Irrigation Wells on this tract reported to produce a total of 2,000 gpm, reportedly from 250 to 700 gpm. this information has not been verified by Clift Land Brokers or Clift Land Auctions representatives. This property is being SOLD AS IS. Four of the wells are tied together, and the other well has been used to furnish water to the sprinkler on Tract 1. There is also a livestock well on the native grass with a solar panel. Mulberry Creek lies along the southern edge of Tract 3.



From Clarendon, Texas go south on State Hwy 70 approximately 16 miles, then turn west on County Road D and go one mile to CR 3 and the northeast corner of this property.

Latitude: 34.691834 / Longitude: -100.923560


Total Acres: 991
Irrigated Acres: 169
Dryland Acres: 276
Grass Acres: 546
Taxes: $4,758
Mineral Rights: None


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