Kiowa County OK 320 Acre Auction




Tuesday, October 17th at 2:00 pm
Western Technology Center, Seminar Room
1000 S. Bailey St.
Hobart, Oklahoma  73651

There will be an Auction Information Meeting at the Western Technology Center on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 1:00 pm.  Be sure to attend this meeting to learn more about this property.



This 160 + acre tract has 100.61 + acres of cultivated farmland. The current Tenant intends to plant a wheat crop on this tract before the auction. The growing wheat crop will convey to the Buyer, and the Buyer will reimburse the Tenant for expenses associated with the wheat crop, unless a farm lease is agreed upon by the Buyer and the current Tenant.

According to the DCP Crop Data, there are 60.30 wheat base acres, 40.30 generic base acres, and a 30-bushel PLC wheat yield. This tract contains a wetland or farmed wetland.

The remaining acres are in permanent pasture with two ponds located in the northeast and southeast corners.  There is a good five-wire barbed wire fence around most of the tract. The grass has not been grazed for several years. SH 54 runs along the west side of this tract.

LEGAL DESCRIPTION:  NW/4 of Section 23, Township 6 North, Range 16 West in Kiowa County, Oklahoma. SURFACE ONLY


This 160 + acre tract has 116.72 + acres of former cropland presently planted in improved grass and annual grass. According to the DCP Crop Data, there are 91.30 wheat base acres, 25.40 generic base acres, and a 30-bushel PLC wheat yield.

There are also approximately 40 acres of native pasture with two ponds. A water tap from the Caddo Rural Water District #3 is piped into this tract from across the highway. This service can be transferred to the Buyer.

There is a good five-wire barbed wire fence enclosing the entire tract. This property is accessed by an improved gravel road, and would make an excellent cattle farm.

LEGAL DESCRIPTION:  NE/4 of Section 7, Township 5 North, Range 16 West in Kiowa, County, Oklahoma. SURFACE ONLY


From Gotebo, OK, go south on SH 54 six miles to the northwest corner of Tract #1. Continue another five miles south on SH 54 to E1450 Rd. Turn west on E1450 Rd and go three miles to N2280 Rd. Turn north and go ½ mile to the southeast corner of Tract #2.

Latitude: 34.982459 / Longitude: -98.857024


Total Acres: 320
Dryland Acres: 160
Grass Acres: 160
Mineral Rights: None


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