Tri State Ag / Farmers Grain Elevator


Commercial Grain Elevator in Follett, Texas

This fully operating grain handling elevator is a solid piece of Texas panhandle history. Concrete fabricated in ~1947 (Southeast) and ~1951 (Northwest) respectively, these storage elevators are in current operating condition and ready to take grain.

Located in the Northeastern Texas panhandle in Follett, Texas on Texas highway 15 for ease of entry and exit, and an area known for wheat, milo and corn production. Within 25 miles to main rail system for transport if necessary. This elevator system is an excellent opportunity for centralized storage and distribution of grains to local, regional and interstate markets. This facility operated through 2018, emptied, cleaned, inspected in 2019, and ready to be opened.

In addition to the grain handling facility, the office, scale system and fertilizer operation is included in the sale. All facilities are served by city services including water, gas, electric, sewage, and trash handling.  The liquid fertilizer handling equipment have a 400 ton capacity with steel Palmer Tanks (4 – 16’ X 30’), complete with pump and high volume water supply.

With farming the major economic business in the area, these facilities are an excellent opportunity to diversify an production operation and maintain marketing options throughout the year. The capacities allow for ease of use by individuals or corporate grain handling and storage.


Located in Follett, Texas, 79014

Latitude: 36.43029 / Longitude: -100.14201


Price: $765,000
Total Acres: 5
Taxes: $10,156


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