Expired CRP With Irrigation Potential

SOLD! This is a very good tract of expired CRP land with some irrigation development potential southeast of Booker, TX. This land was previously irrigated with a center pivot over 25 years ago. At that time, the farmland was placed into the CRP program which expired 10/1/2020. The irrigation well is believed to be in good operating condition, with the well estimated by the owner to produce approximately 450 to 500 gpm.  This is an excellent opportunity to develop an irrigated farm on very good soils.

Lipscomb Co. Irrigated Farm

This is a very nice quarter section that lays flat and has Class A soils. The farm is currently planted to Milo, and the farmer would consider immediate possession if that was needed.

Lipscomb Co. Quarter Section

UNDER CONTRACT!!! This is a good quarter section tract of improved grassland located in the south central portion of Lipscomb County. It has one cased well located on the property and has excellent perimeter fencing. Access is within a mile of paved highway, FM 1920. This property would make a good addition to an existing ranching operation or a nice location to construct a home.

Tri State Ag / Farmers Grain Elevator

Commercial Grain Elevator in Follett, Texas This fully operating grain handling elevator is a solid piece of Texas panhandle history. Concrete fabricated in ~1947 (Southeast) and ~1951 (Northwest) respectively, these storage elevators are in current operating condition and ready to take grain. Located in the Northeastern Texas panhandle in Follett, Texas on Texas highway 15 for ease of entry and exit, and an area known for wheat, milo and corn production. Within 25 miles to main rail system for transport if necessary. This elevator system is an excellent opportunity for centralized storage and distribution of grains to local, regional and …

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