Farms Aren’t Going Away……

Jerry Schniederjan, Clift Land Brokers Agent, was recently interviewed about the future of the family farm. Here is an excerpt from the article as it appeared in the Austin Tribune.

Jerry Schniederjan, an Amarillo real estate agent who sells agricultural land, said most  family farms and ranches were bought by larger family farms and corporate farms. It has become difficult to make a living on a small farm, he said.

Years ago, when land prices were lower  and farms were smaller, Schniederjan and his wife, Shellie, bought a farm. They spent more than two decades growing wheat, grain sorghum and corn in the Panhandle.

They enjoyed raising their boys on the farm, but since neither son has an interest in farming — Ryan is a pathologists’ assistant in Houston, and Kyle is an engineer in Amarillo — the couple decided to sell more than a decade ago.

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